Listen in English

Most sunday services from Tampere Association of Peace are translated into english and broadcasted on the Internet. In our event calendar there is an extra note [E] at the events that are translated. To start listening press the play button of the audio player below when the translated services should be going on.

Note. The audio player above may appear different depending on the network browser used. If the playback seems not to start when the translated services should be going on, reload this page and press the play button again.

You can give feedback on our network services by sending email to nettiseurat(at)

Welcome to the Services at Tampere Association of Peace

Service Calendar

[N] event can be listened in finnish on Internet
[E] event can be listened in english on Internet

Mobile Offering

You can participate the offering using MobilePay. Our short number for MobilePay is 48412. See more here (in finnish).